We are VeryBusy Recruiting
VeryBusy Recruiting connecting great talents to your business
VeryBusy Recruiting was founded to tackle the most strategic challenge that companies face: how to recruit and hire top talent. We are trusted partners for our customers on the way to searching, matching and taking care of people.

We're extraordinarily proud of the company we've built so far. Our main principle sounds like "Quality — Not Quantity": we focus on details, learn deeply about your business, your team and culture to find not just a good professionals, but your people.

It's IT Recruiting how it should be.
And we are #verybusy for you to be successful.
Yuliya Keskin
CEO & Founder
Market-leading experience
More than 10 years in HR Management and IT Recruitment
Focus on people
500+ successful hires
High success rate
100% of clients continue collaboration after the first successful hire
How we work
Get in touch & synchronize expectations
Submit a request for a vacancy.
We'll look at it and get back to you with a meaningful insights.
At the brief-stage later we will learn about your business, goals and challenges.
Setup hiring process
Agree the process and go.
Now you don't need to think about searching, screening & tonnes of communications at the very-first-stages — we'll do it for you selecting only relevant professionals.
Normally you start talking to first candidates within a week.
Get right talents aboard
When you're excited with the perfect match, we're committed to help you signing them.
And guess what?
We will support your talent during onboarding period which usually is the hardest for newcomers.
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