We're looking for a Senior Backend Engineer [Node] to a world-renowned SaaS platfortm for recruiters and hiring managers.
Our client is the fastest growing HR tech startup in Europe that helps thousands of companies become more successful and provides the only freemium tool on the market that combines the functionalities of both Talent Acquisition Software and an Applicant Tracking System.
Who we need
An ideal candidate is a passionate and talented engineer, willing to push the limits of existing technology and create the best possible user experience.
You will shape the way companies attract qualified talent faster and more effectively around the globe.
    Role overview

    • Use data or reliable source of information to drive the decision making during the discussion, design, or implementation phases
    • Have the ability to take on complex problems, learn quickly, and persist towards a good solution
    • Be conscious about the speed of delivery vs quality of code and find the best balance

    • 5+ years of development experience in total
    • 2+ years of experience with Node.js OR any strongly typed languages (C#, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Golang)
    • 1+ years of TypeScript expertise OR any strongly typed languages (C#, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Golang)
    • Extensive unit/integration testing experience (We work by TDD!)
    • Experience with relational databases like Postgres, MySQL, or MSSQL. Understanding transactions, views, and locks, ability to design scalable schemas
    • Experience with message brokers (SNS/RabbitMQ/Kafka/Google PubSub/etc...)

    • Familiarity with Docker and Kubernetes
    • Experience with gRPC framework and proto buffers
    • Experience with GraphQL
    • Experience with GCP or AWS
    • Experience in DevOps or tooling of any kind is a great plus

    • JOIN is an equal career opportunity no matter your gender, identity, race, or religion
    • We provide relocation assistance and visa sponsorship for the best candidates
    • We are a compact team that focuses on personal and professional growth and help each other to achieve that on a daily basis
    • We are a team with high levels of ownership, accountability, and team play with great support and responsiveness
    • We solve real-life problems of our customers and see the immediate result of it
    • We believe in automation. We automate anything and everything that can improve our productivity and focus
    • We write our own tests and we test our own solutions which help us learn more and understand our clients better
    • We value transparency, close collaboration, and a slight amount of chaos in our work because it makes us faster and more creative

    Tech Stack:
    • React.js with TypeScript, Redux
    • Cypress.io for E2E
    • GraphQL with Apollo
    • Node.js with TypeScript
    • Approximately 40 microservices in production
    • Great coverage with unit and integration tests
    • Postgres as the main database
    • Elasticsearch as a search database
    • Redis as a cache database
    • gRPC for synchronous communication
    • Google Pub/Sub for asynchronous
    • Code generators for frontend and backend
    • ESLint recommended + a few plugins
    • Google Cloud, Kubernetes
    What we offer
    Become a part of the innovation product that transforms the digital recruitment!
    Friendly and supportive team
    High energy and innovative team and a work environment that welcomes your ideas and suggestions.
    High standard engineering culture
    Code style analysis, linting, QA, peer code review
    Take care of your health
    Company provides medical coverage (UNIQA)
    Competitive salary
    The reward system based on quality, not quantity. We review regularly to keep up with everyone.
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