We're looking for a Site Reliability Engineer who has a strong motivation to deliver customers stable and secure systems.
We are cloud-based Practice Management Software for Health Professionals. We're at the forefront of making it simple for clinicians to run and grow their practices and growing quickly.

Under the supervision of the Engineering Director, you will be responsible for operating our services in a HA environment, as well as maintaining and scaling infrastructure components and manage the security of our production systems.
Who we need
An ideal candidate would have an ability to analyze and resolve complex infrastructure resource and application deployment issues.
Essential qualities:
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or equivalent) or higher degree
  • Excellent Linux skills and experience with running high-available Ruby on Rails applications (99.95% is our SLA right now. Our internal target is 99.99%. Currently we are around 99.98%. With the additional SRE hire we would like to improve our infrastructure to reach > 99.99%)
  • Experience with our current stack - RoR, Nginx, Passenger, MySQL, Redis
  • Good understanding of configuration management tools like Chef and monitoring tools like DataDog
  • Working knowledge of Javascript and Ruby on Rails

Bonus Points

  • Experience with global failover and load balancers
  • Working knowledge of MySQL replication
  • Security related work background or CISSP certification

Our current infrastructure environment/HL figures and about team:
  • We are using AWS, Armor and Rackspace as our cloud providers. Armor is a specialized provider for health and financial data workloads and runs the majority of our production workloads. All servers are cloud servers based on CentOS 7.
  • HL figures: we serve around 3000 Requests per minute with peaks about to 5000 requests per minute.
  • We have 2 full-time members in the DevOPS / SRE team. One of them is a dedicated MySQL DBA. In additional to those two, our lead engineer and CTO are both available to help out and provide guidance

Infrastructure goals
1. Short-term
  • Improve alerting on our Elasticsearch cluster (e.g abnormal changes in throughput)
  • Deploy and maintain HAProxy load balancer
  • Ability to perform regular security checks

2. Mid-Term
  • Move our backup DC from Armor to AWS, to diversify the risk of using a single hosting provider: This will include setting up and maintaining an Intrusion detection system (e.g OSSEC). Evaluating WAF/FIM solutions, etc. for PCI and HIPAA compliancy
  • Setup High-Availability MySQL cluster using Orchestrator/ProxySQL
  • Reach uptime of > 99.99%

Technology Stack and Tools you will be working with

  • Ruby on Rails (version of Rails 5.2.3. We use NGINX/Phusion passenger for running the Rails application and capistrano for deployment)
  • EmberJS/ReactJS (this is about basic knowledge of deploying and diagnosing issues related to Single Page Applications (Cloudfront, S3, ability to isolate the origin of a problem — it's not about writing or fixing the Javascript code))
  • Nginx
  • Phusion Passenger
  • Capistrano (we're using Capistrano 3.11. as part of our CI/CD pipeline; for the mobile apps we use CircleCI and BuddyBuild in the build environment)
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Kibana (we use the ELK stack for log aggregation & we would like to extend that stack to allow automated alerts based on patterns)
  • Chef
  • DataDog
What we offer
Become a part of the team that's incredibly passionate about helping people. Our product underpins foundational behavioral health work that really does make a difference
Great engineering culture
Impeccably maintained codebase with CI, code style analysis, linting, QA, peer code review, staging servers. Nothing legacy to see here.
Great working environment
Spacious and comfortable office in the center of Kyiv (between Lukianivska and Golden Gate stations) where you can feel like home. Standing/sitting desks, big displays, etc.
Competitive salary
The reward system based on quality, not quantity. We review regularly to keep up with everyone.
Perks & benefits
Company-sponsored business trips to Los Angeles to work together with our US team.
H1B visas sponsorship for outstanding team members.
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