We're looking for a Senior Backend Engineer at Dubai-based fintech startup that revolutionizing personal finance for over 300 million people.
The app is bringing money online for the Middle East and North Africa: it allows bank account holders in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to send and receive money "as easily as sending a text message" using their contact list, without having to plug in an IBAN or Swift code.
Who we need
We are looking for a talented engineer to help architect, build and ship the application backend.
Vacancy details
We are looking for a candidate experienced in backend development. Ideally, with deep knowledge in the following domains:
  • Event driven microservices architecture
  • Financial Technology
Most importantly, the candidate needs to be able to architect and reason about complex systems, is self motivated and independent, and is a creative thinker.

Our ideal candidate has:
  • Excellent communication skills and a desire to collaborate
  • Experience shipping and maintaining backend software
  • Experience with and a desire to work across the stack
  • Experience writing software that handles money
  • A strong DevOps background
  • The independence to own big features
  • The ability to go from idea to release

Must-have technologies
at the candidate's portfolio:
- Node.js
- PostgreSQL
- Kafka
- gRPC
- GraphQL
Devops experience is also a major plus, particularly with the Azure stack.

You will:
  • Work with a world-class high energy team to deliver great experiences
  • Ship robust, durable and sustainable code that will keep our users' funds safe
  • Think creatively to generate innovative solutions to hard problems
  • Write tests and implement monitoring
  • Review code and mentor other engineers
  • Contribute not just to our codebase, but to our product and to our culture as well
What we offer
We are democratizing access to financial services in a part of the world that really needs it, and accomplishing our mission will truly have a positive impact on the lives of our customers.
In addition to using state of the art technologies and practices to build exceptional customer-focused products, we are also building a culture of engineering excellence and continuous learning that we expect to benefit not just our customers but our employees as well.
Remote working schedule
Enjoy your life with a 100% remote-working opportunities
Friendly and supportive team
High energy and innovative team and a work environment that welcomes your ideas and suggestions
Competitive salary
And as a bonus to it — founding equity
High standard engineering culture
Code style analysis, linting, QA, peer code review
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