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When recruiting for non-technical roles, you can’t hire a candidate judging just by their soft skills and technology stack. It requires a good dig in – to know if Product Analyst Matthew will root for your product, if SMM Manager Kate will lead your social media strategy in the right direction. We know how to enforce your team with the perfect talent, as we have done this before.

We have earned successful cases in finding PPC, SMM specialists, Product Analysts, HRDs, Head of Business Development and more. Need to find your team a non-technical unicorn? Tell us about your recruiting challenge.

Best suitable solution if:● You are looking for a candidate with specific experience, such as working in a new market, exploring new business opportunities, or matching your internal culture.
● You have a scope of work and a direction to move towards, but you are not fully sure what specialist is needed.



What clients say about our partnership

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    Liudmyla Shamara

    Head of People Operations at Scalr

    Collaboration with VeryBusy Recruiting was exemplary for us. From the very beginning it was a feeling of completely matching our values and approaches in working with candidates. We noticed attention to the details, clarity and transparent communication at all stages of working with our vacancy, respect to all our expectations and providing us with relevant candidates only. VeryBusy, you hold the bar high and we are proud to be your customers.

    May 03, 2022

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