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We help small and medium-size businesses to scale their team with top-notch tech talents. Hiring is and always has been hard, whether you're looking for a technical top-performer or a crypto-lyterate talent. The good news is we know how to support you on the way.
'Just searching' is not our MO: we listen and consult you, analyze data and market insights, we build outstanding candidate experience, and, most importantly, we find you the right people. Because the right people could change the world!


What we offer

An ownership, dedication and data driven recruitment.


We provide end-to-end IT recruiting services to hire technical / non-technical specialists.


Acquire the best talent, improve candidate flow and reduce recruiting costs by deploying experienced recruiters when, how and for as long as you need them.


Anticipating significant candidate demand for a short period of time? Project or Modular RPO could be for you.



How it works?

Your conditions: no global / internal recruiting function yet in place , current recruiting process needs an improvements or extra capacity.
Your goal: to hire great talents.
Within full cycle recruiting we provide: 100% ownership of the recruitment process: starting from market insights, sourcing and screening candidates, finishing with closing negotiations.
You get: cost savings on recruitment function, right people as early as possible and 3 month replacement guarantee for unforeseen circumstances.
We charge a percentage of the candidate's yearly salary.


How it works?

Our On-Demand Recruiter service provides a fast and effective short-term solution anytime you need it – providing a simple way to expand your internal team in response to changing demands On-Demand Recruiters can work remotely on your requirements, managing candidate screening, creating shortlists and identifying talent for everything from entry-level roles to hard-to-find skills.
With this service we work with a monthly subscription model.


RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

How it works? 

An RPO can be a game-changer for your business, with many companies experiencing 3 clear benefits after moving away from ‘transactional’ recruitment in favor of a permanent workforce solution: reduced time to hire, lower cost per hire and improved quality of hire. Whether you’re struggling to handle demand and sustainably source talent, your recruitment costs are too high or you’re not creating a consistently positive recruitment & onboarding experience, — an RPO could be your all-in-one solution for all of the mentioned challenges.
With this service we work on a monthly subscription model.


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